Incorporating with IPACK Caspian

Caspian International Exhibition "Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing"

Exhibition Sections

  • Packaging machinery and equipment for package production
  • Process lines for product packing
  • Machinery and equipment for production and decoration of packaging
  • Raw materials and semi-finished materials for package production
  • Packaging materials and finished products
  • Repacking, raw materials and equipment for production of secondary packaging
  • Labelling and bar coding technologies
  • Equipment for printing on packaging
  • Varnishing, drawing, marks and flexprinting
  • Labelling machinery, equipment and technologies
  • Raw materials and semi-finished materials for label production
  • Label products
  • Service equipment, components and automation equipment

Facts from the exhibition in 2019 (common with InterFood Exhibition):

  • Venue: Baku Expo Center
  • The exhibition area spanned: 3101 m2
  • 8798 professional visitors from 51 countries
  • Participants attended 189 companies