New services

Dear visitors:

The organisers have launched 2 new services at the exhibition, which will make your participation hands-free, while limiting your physical contact with exhibitors.

  • QR code to download the promotional material of participants

    There is a QR code placed both on the badges and at the stand of exhibitors, which will take users to the promotional material of the exhibiting company. By scanning the QR code via a mobile application, visitors will be able to receive the promotional material in e-format directly to their e-mails.
    Important: In order to benefit from this service, you will need to download a mobile application.

  • QR code to share your contact information with exhibitors

    There is a QR code placed on your visitor’s badge that contains your contact information. To exchange contacts with an exhibiting participant, you will only need to offer to scan the QR code on your badge. This will help you avoid physical contact when exchanging business cards, and will significantly speed up the process of collecting and processing contacts at the exhibition.