InterFood Azerbaijan - Prospects for an Argentine-Azerbaijani trade cooperation

Prospects for an Argentine-Azerbaijani trade cooperation



Gabriel Alejandro Jorquera, Deputy Head of Mission at the Argentine Embassy in Azerbaijan

- This is our first participation at the Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, as the Azerbaijani market is very new to the Argentine business sector. However, some companies have gradually learn about the Azerbaijani market and have experience of business cooperation with local businesses. It is difficult for many entrepreneurs to participate independently at the Azerbaijan WorldFood exhibition, but visitors can get all the information they require at our stand. We fully support all Argentine companies wishing to operate in the Azerbaijani market.

As you know, food production in Argentina is very flexible, so various trade cooperations may be formed between our two countries. Our production includes an assortment of livestock and plant products, seafood and various types of fish. Our manufacturers also export many varieties of fresh fruit. In addition, we have quite a good chance of establishing ourselves in Azerbaijani confectionery sector.

Unfortunately, Azerbaijani consumers are not provided with detailed information on food production in Argentina. Therefore, we intend to gradually solve this problem and attract interest from the general public in order to enhance cooperation.