InterFood Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan starts taking poultry promotion measures

Azerbaijan starts taking poultry promotion measures



The Ministry of Economy has started making proposals for the development of poultry industry in Azerbaijan.

The Ministry reported about a meeting held with representatives of enterprises operating in the field of poultry farming, and discussion of the prospects of development of this industry.

"The meeting set a goal to analyze the situation and elaborate the proposals for accelerated growth of the poultry industry in Azerbaijan," the MoE informed.

According to the Ministry, the meeting was attended by reps of more than 10 member poultry farms of the Azerbaijan Poultry Breeders Society, with whom the MoE officials discussed matters of development and coverage of domestic demand at the expense of home production, increasing export potential and increasing poultry production by industrial method.

"During the meeting the poultry farmers focused on the factors affecting the prime cost of poultry and eggs - feed additives, veterinary drugs and vaccines, and discussed conditions of sale of products and offered to provide them with additional land to increase forage base," the MoE statement says.

All offers of poultry farmers will be studied and possibilities of their research their realization.