InterFood Azerbaijan - We expect to increase sales through this exhibition.

We expect to increase sales through this exhibition.



Hakan Huseynoghlu, Marketing and Sales Director at Etimagetiket

- The first day of WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016 has fully met our expectations! The exhibition started well, had a lot of visitors, in particular, companies are interested in our products. Today we have had at least five productive negotiations, and tomorrow we also expect new business meetings. Overall, at the exhibition, we look forward to increased sales.

At this exhibition, we, first of all, are willing to go to the contacts with representatives of companies that produce food products. The composition of the participants of the exhibition is also very diverse, which is certainly a positive development.

The company produces labels for various goods, including food products, cosmetics and hygiene products, and so forth. In the Azerbaijani market, we have been working for almost 10 years, so the range of offerings is well known to local consumers and customers.