InterFood Azerbaijan - Maximum output with minimum space!

Maximum output with minimum space!



Abbas Shahbazi, Marketing Manager at Metak

- The company Metak has worked in the market Azerbaijan for more than twenty years. Starting with the production of metal pipes, the company now operates in several ways. One of them is the production of products for agricultural needs, and this is due to our participation in the WorldFood exhibition.

So, visitors can find at our booth various components and equipment used in intensive gardening. As it is known, it is a modern world experience, in which the producers use a minimum area for maximum production. Special tools are required for its use, which previously have not been made in Azerbaijan. Now the company Metak has organized the production of high-quality import-substituting products for intensive horticulture and agriculture.

In addition, one of the divisions of our company is engaged in the delivery of "turnkey" horticultural enterprises, with a full set of equipment, services and management advice.

The first day of the exhibition is characterized by the fact that there are going to be executives who are ready to make decisions. Meetings held in the framework of the exhibition, for the most part are productive and forward-looking. Already today, we spent time in a couple of interesting meetings.