InterFood Azerbaijan - Current program to enter targeted markets

Current program to enter targeted markets



Dimitris Diados, representative of Pandora Program

The exhibition, which is a significant event in the regional market, we present the Pandora Program that ensures the promotion of agricultural products, namely processed fruit and vegetables in a number of countries, such as the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Belarus and China.

The Pandora Program is a European program aimed to help manufacturers of Greece, Romania and Cyprus. The program facilitates the exit of companies from those countries to the new target markets. We provide informational and consulting support to companies of the participating countries.

Typically, companies that want to enter new markets, as a rule, are in need of support, and in this regard Pandora software offers a solution to a very important range of issues.

I want to wish good luck to the participants of the exhibition and the representatives of the Azerbaijani market, which is growing at a steady pace, attracting the attention of potential partners.