InterFood Azerbaijan - WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016: Great taste, high quality and large variety of domestic products

WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016: Great taste, high quality and large variety of domestic products



Today is the final day of the 22nd Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016, which brought together 126 companies from 24 countries.

Companies from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, UAE, Russia, the Czech Republic, and others are presenting their impressive exposition here. More than twenty companies from Turkey came to the exhibition. A first time participant at the exhibition is the Sri Lanka Tea Board, heading a group of companies which manufacture 100% Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

The importance of WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016 exhibition was emphasized by the visit from the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Also in attendance were a number of domestic and foreign ministers; major market players; investors, and food industry experts. New industry products, business contacts obtained at the exhibition, meetings with governmental organizations involved in the process of new stages of development in agriculture, and the experience of foreign partners will contribute to the competitiveness of Azerbaijani agricultural products in the food market and the growth of investment.

Without exception, the exhibitors made WorldFood Azerbaijan effective, demonstrated through their high sense of responsibility. Food security is an issue that every state always keeps on the agenda. May 21, the Association of Quality held a seminar on "International Food Safety Standards", as part of the business program of the exhibition. And, the exhibition gave convincing evidence of the activity of local manufacturers and distributors with a wide range of popular offers. The irresistible taste of dairy products, cheeses, canned vegetables, juices and fruit drinks, flour, pastry, fish specialties, traditional sweets and much more successfully competed with their foreign counterparts, providing long-term recognition to consumers.

This year, exhibitors from Azerbaijan, UAE, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine also presented packaging, manufacturing and designing equipment, marking equipment, packaging materials, containers and finished packaging for various industries. At the same venue with WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016, the Caspian International Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing Exhibition, IpackCaspian 2016 exhibition was held.

It is gratifying that, compared with last year, the variety of participants and the range of products are expanded.

The organisers of WorldFood Azerbaijan and Ipack Caspian are Iteca Caspian and its partner ITE Group. For 8 years, the exhibition has been recognised by UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), attesting to the event