InterFood Azerbaijan - Popular canned foods, and cheese and soft drinks

Popular canned foods, and cheese and soft drinks



Sanan Orujev- Head of product management division at Gilan FMCG

- For many years, Gilan FMCG Group products are the leader in sales in their segment. This year we are presented at World Food Azerbaijan 2017 with a full line of products from the Gabala, Lankaran and Guba canneries, as well as dairy products and locally produced chips. Under the Milla brand, we present two new products - cheese with greens and cream from natural milk in a package of tetrapack. Visitors get acquainted with non-alcoholic products, canned goods, dairy products and chips of the following brands: Jale, Bagdan, Chipsim, Milla, Aquastyle, Natura, Zolotoy sad, X-sport. I note that the products are produced on the newest European equipment and are distinguished by a high level of quality.

The purpose of participation in World Food Azerbaijan is to establish new ties, present the latest products, and find ways to export our products. Communication goals are also important for us to communicate with clients, exchange opinions with potential buyers and maintain contacts.

The initiative of holding such exhibitions corresponds to the holding's strategy. In our opinion, the exhibition grounds of this kind contribute to the development and expansion of the FMCG market (goods of daily demand), help to identify the strengths of market participants and create the right vector for the development of this industry in our country with an orientation to international markets.