InterFood Azerbaijan - Halva, souffle sweetmeat, marmalade, pastille

Halva, souffle sweetmeat, marmalade, pastille



Elena Kurmaz, Head of Marketing Department at “Krasny Pishevik”

- “Krasny Pishiveik” is one of the oldest factories in the Republic of Belarus. Since 1870, our company has been producing pastille and marmalade products. The basis of production of our factory is halva, souffle sweetmeat, marmalade, dragee, sweets. The market of Azerbaijan is promising for us, today our products are sold in many shops of Baku; they are in demand, because they are natural and useful.     

One of our main projects is connected with the opening of a trading house in Baku. Our goal is to replenish the client base, present the products to the population, and, correspondingly, increase sales. The uniqueness of our products is that they consist of 30% apple puree. No company in the world produces pastilles and marmalade does not have such indicators. In addition, we have the classic technology of souffle sweetmeat, the production of which takes not 40 minutes, but the whole day. Thus, it is different from the products of competitors.

We are in Baku for the second time. Two years ago they came here to study the market and the market. During this time we have prepared the appropriate assortment and thanks to this for half a year of work we can boast of good sales dynamics and successful development. In general, we have 150 products. And today at the exhibition we present along with the classic products; an innovation, namely, the tropical taste of the trade mark “Confemillio”.