InterFood Azerbaijan - Success story of the oldest winery in Azerbaijan

Success story of the oldest winery in Azerbaijan



Mamed Akhundov,  Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Göygöl Şərab

Our company consists of two enterprises; it is Göygöl Şərab, the first winery in Azerbaijan founded in 1860 and an alcohol plant. Göygöl Şərab produces all categories of wines, some of which are exhibited today at the stand for tasting. In addition, various kinds of champagne and cognac are exhibited here.

It is important to note that raw materials and brandy spirit for the production of cognac is produced locally at our company. In addition, the plant has mastered the production of mineral, table waters sourced from the mountain river Kurek Chay. The line of nonalcoholic products includes nine types of drinks, lemonades from natural ingredients. An important production of our factory is vodka. I should note that it is made from local spirit of factory production. Today, the enterprises that produce vodka in Azerbaijan buy alcohol from us. This is a high-quality raw material of the luxury category, which was repeatedly sent to international exhibitions and tastings to Moscow where they received certain awards. In general, our factories are able to satisfy the domestic market, but we have good opportunities for export as well. Samples of our wines were sent to China and we are also establishing contacts with Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan