InterFood Azerbaijan - WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017: abundance of products from global producers

WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017: abundance of products from global producers



On May 19 is the final day of the 23rd Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017 which welcomed 164 companies from 21 countries worldwide. The food industry exhibition has become an effective sample of demonstrating equipment, goods and services of the industry and has provided an opportunity to find customers, strengthen existing relationships with business partners, and enter into new markets.

A worthy characteristic of the exhibition is the Government's close attention to the event. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan H.E. Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva visited the exhibition on the opening day and acquainted with the main expositions and innovations of the forum.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Asadov said that against the backdrop of globalization and the growing population of the planet, the world’s current challenge is food security and the provision of food for its population. Accordingly, these exhibitions, demonstrating the latest innovations and industry know-how, establishing international business contacts and meetings between professionals, together with the experience of our foreign colleagues, all serve to strengthen the industry and usher in a new stage of agro-industrial development

Belarus, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Kazakhstan Mexico, Poland, Russia and other countries were pleased with the rich exposition, favourable offers of goods and services, and with the desire for perspective cooperation. An important stage in the development of business partnership is due to a solid list of proposals to the Azerbaijani market from foreign manufacturers and distributors.

Positive impressions are produced by actively promoted Azerbaijani companies acting under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan". The permanent exhibitors are headed by the permanent participants of the exhibition - Azersun Holding, Gilan Holding, Metak, local exporters of fruits and vegetables are represented by such companies as Amoris, Buta Group, Bal Xurma, etc. On examples of rich and bright expositions of Azerbaijani participants the exhibition stressed the growth of the domestic agro industry, reflected the success of many farms and joint projects.

Visitors, as objective experts, conducted a tasting of the showcased products and beverages. High grades and benevolent reviews were given to different grades of cheese, sausages, confectionery and dairy products, fragrant tea, natural wines, ice cream, fruit preserves, juices and much more. In general, the participants of WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017 demonstrated products in such sections as the food industry equipment, food products, groceries, ingredients, refrigeration systems, laboratory equipment and much more. Therefore, no doubt that every WorldFood Azerbaijan exhibition is able to causes a lot of positive emotions among visitors, participants and visitors. Against the background of the gastronomic products, delicacies, baked goods, snacks offered to the attention, the model of the development of agriculture convincingly looks, which prospectively reflects the economy of the industry.

The growth of business activity of foreign delegates is also characteristic. Within the framework of the WorldFood Azerbaijan exhibition, a workshop was organized for exhibitors and visitors, which was attended by foreign producers and suppliers of food products, and local distributors. The entrepreneurs appreciated not only the professional master class and expert consultations at the stands, but the benefit of the seminar held by the Azerbaijan Association of Quality.

Alongside WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017, Baku Expo Centre also welcomed the 11th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition, CaspianAgro 2017 and the Caspian International Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing Exhibition, Ipack Caspian 2017. The successful integration of these events on one site adds the effect of professional attitude to the entire forum and attracts the of industry experts.

For many years, the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan has rendered invaluable support to exhibitions. The events are also supported by the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASK), and the Azerbaijan Export and Investments Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO). The events are organised by Iteca Caspian and ITE Group.