InterFood Azerbaijan - Our target is our clients

Our target is our clients



Yasar Can, CEO, Can-Pa

Stand number F1220

- We started to our way with the production of sweet under “Can” brand name in 1993. Besides, production of different types of tasteful lokum, delicious marmalades, some kind of sweets like drageeand noghul, we continue our activity in national sweet field for many years with Elit, Taha, Ughur firms which we carry out distributorship. Our target is our clients. In this direction, every second of production is controlled to the finest detail in order to avoid compromising our quality at all times.

We will be introducing two new products at World Food Azerbaijan: Assortie Turkish Delight 350 GR and Can Turkish Delight KG. 3 various and most favourite sultan lokums were joined in this assortment suiting to your table-cloth and amazing opposite side with its difference when you present it. Our other  delight  is called as “Can Turkish Delight”. It will decorate your tea table with its smart white view and you may present it as a gift. Numbered packing will make it more hygienic.

We will be very pleased to welcome  the General Directors of “Active Food Company”, “Mado”, “Ozsut”, “Bravo”, “Bazarstore”, “Araz Market”, “Rahat Market”, “ Bizim Market”, “Neptun Market” supermarkets as our guests.