InterFood Azerbaijan - Refined taste and stylish design

Refined taste and stylish design



Daniel Davudov, Marketing Manager at OJSC Goygol Wine Plant

- At this years exhibition, we are planning to display our new products such as the cognac ‘Xan 1860’ XO (Extra Old), the vodka ‘Sapphire’, the vodka ‘Yelkən’ and the vodka ‘Xan Çinar’. Since its first introduction into the market, the vodka ‘Xan Çinar’ has become one of the most popular drinks in its segment in Azerbaijan. Its unique labelling design with a plane-tree leaf icon is executed in three variations, each of which corresponds to a particular season: green leaf for spring and summer, yellow leaf for autumn, and red leaf for winter; therefore our product reflects the beauty of each season, and reminds you of its ecological purity.

The refined taste of vodka and the stylish design of bottle make it a special choice for connoisseurs. The vodka ‘Sapphire’ is produced from high-quality ‘Lux’ alcohol (made from selected wheat varieties) and crystal clear waters of the Lesser Caucasus.

The vodka ‘Yelkən’ (Sail) is a drink for successful, bold and courageous people; it is for thrill seeking discoverers and innovators; for those travelers who are at full-sail through their life.

The cognac ‘Xan 1860’, which is produced from Goygol grapes and aged in oak barrels for more than 16 years, has a distinct taste of soft chocolate, vanilla and honey, characteristic for XO (Extra Old) cognacs.

All of the above innovations are not only distinguished by new, more attractive and modern packaging but also by the excellent quality of the product. This is one of the key factors that make our innovations more than competitive; some of them are the leaders of sales in their price segment.

At this exhibition, I would primarily like to see representatives of foreign companies engaged in the import of alcohol at the exhibition. Our company is interested in entering new markets and expanding the reach of existing customers.

Так же ожидаем присутствие локальных представителей сегмента HoReCa (отели, рестораны, кафе), т.к. для этого сегмента у нашей компании есть предложения не только по алкогольной продукции (водка, тихие и игристые вина, коньяк), но и по безалкогольным напиткам (природные газированная и не газированная вода и лимонады).

We also expect to see local representatives of the HoReCa sector; our company is ready to offer not only alcoholic products (vodka, still and sparkling wines, cognac) but also non-alcoholic drinks (natural carbonated and non-carbonated water and lemonades).