InterFood Azerbaijan - Our aim is to familiarize the Azerbaijani bakers with our technology

Our aim is to familiarize the Azerbaijani bakers with our technology



Elena Belova, Director of the Representative Office, Gostol

- Our 70 years old base factory is located in Slovenia. This is a machine building enterprise that produces equipment for the bakery industry, and in particular, for large industrial bakeries. This is our third participation in the exhibition. Gostol aims at promoting its brand establishing business contacts. We also want to enter the Azerbaijani market and acquaint the bakers of your country with out technology which is being exhibited. Our equipment is the leader in this industry and is used in 50 countries of the world. All materials from which it is made have certain certificates for use in the food industry.

The advantages of our production are full automation, energy saving and versatility. It is easily assimilated and requires minimal human participation. We, of course, train specialists and, most importantly, our programmers are always in touch and can render remote assistance in helping to eliminate any malfunction via the Internet. Since our equipment is very oversized, we will demonstrate the entire installation process on a video monitor installed on the stand. I want to emphasize that in addition to equipment, we offer our partners certain solutions (for example, to increase production or range of products). We can also calculate economic indicators and can help companies to develop concepts and philosophy.