InterFood Azerbaijan - The effect of the presenting tea, rice and fruits

The effect of the presenting tea, rice and fruits



Etibar Salimov, Director at Astaracay

- The company “Astara Cay” was founded in 2010. We are the largest producer of natural tea in Azerbaijan. Our territory has 460 hectares of tea plantations. Since 2015, we have a factory for processing and packaging tea, which is equipped with the most modern equipment. This year we launched the production of six new varieties of tea with cinnamon, cloves, thyme, ginger, floral and saffron. It is on these varieties that we place special hopes, after the end of the exhibition they will be available for sale.

Over the past year, we have been actively working on exporting tea to other countries in the world (for example, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia). We are also negotiating with the Arab countries. Therefore the brand "Aztea", as a producer of organic Azerbaijani tea, gradually becomes popular and recognizable. Our goal in participating at this exhibition is to effectively present our products and demonstrate new ones. To do this, we have arranged for our stand to display everything that we are proud of. And this is not only tea, but also fruits grown in the company's gardens. And rice, which we actively engaged in sowing. Under the brand name "Astara Duyu" at our stand, you can see different varieties of rice, our rice favorite "Heşimi", round rice and promising black rice, the production of which has been recently launched.