InterFood Azerbaijan - Various kinds of plastic containers and pallets

Various kinds of plastic containers and pallets



Kıvanç Kuran, Senior Export Sales Manager at Benoplast

- Our company for the production of plastic containers for fruits, including packaging boxes and pallets is the first in Turkey and the fourth in Europe. We have been operating on the market for 15 years. We offer any kind of plastic products, with or without a logo, at the request of the customer. Assessing the potential of the Azerbaijani market, we are happy to participate in the World Food exhibition, as in previous years.

Being the preferred brand, both nationally and internationally, Benoplast has become a supplier of many food industry, agriculture and logistics organizations. Our products make it easy to move and store products. This is the product we show on the stand - containers of various sizes, different destinations for fruits and vegetables, water transport pallets, bread boxes, and many more. So far, we do not think about the opening of production in Azerbaijan, but we can establish permanent supplies. We have already held several business meetings, developed plans for further business development in the local market. Within the framework of the exhibition, we have planned for a number of business contacts; we hope that these will be fruitful meetings on cooperation. We try to adequately withstand the competition in the Azerbaijani market, while being responsible for quality and offering new solutions.