InterFood Azerbaijan - Try new varieties of cheese!

Try new varieties of cheese!



Yanis Sholks, Chairman of Board of the Union of Milk Processors in Latvia SIA

- Our union brings together thirteen largest enterprises in Latvia. Together they process about 80% of all milk in our country. We are happy to participate in the WorldFood exhibition, because the Azerbaijani market is well known to us. We have experience of many years of cooperation with solid entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan. However, we had some problems with the delivery, which affected the turnover. And today we are here with new solutions to this issue, on other terms and principles of logistics. Our goal is to continue cooperation and increase sales, to offer our ecologically pure milk, and all kinds of dairy products.

This year we have united four largest companies of Latvia in one stand with the support of the European Union, as part of the project on support and promotion of Latvian products TastyMilk in the third countries’ markets; TastyMilk is sold by our union. These are manufacturers of dairy desserts and products based on cream and organic products, including cheese producers and a line of products with concentrated protein. All products are supplied in different appropriate packaging, with different storage times and with due consideration for the warm climate of your country and the distance between our countries. We offer you to get acquainted with all kinds of products at our stand. So, get some information and try it!. A special place among the entire range is occupied by our new special sorts of cheese.