InterFood Azerbaijan - We present our new product mix

We present our new product mix



Yashar Can, Director at MMC Can Pa

CAN-PA started its business in 1993 with the production of the first sweets with the brand name Can. We have been active in the national sweets market for many years by producing dozens of tasty lokum (Turkish delight) varieties, including delicious marmalade, pishmaniye (pişmaniye is a Turkish sweet in fine strands made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar), drage, noghul, baklava, shekerbura, and by presenting the sweets of such brand names as Elite, Taha, Kendy and Hicret, for which we are the distributor. Our sweets are well-known in all A-class markets and supermarkets and are popular among buyers. At this year’s exhibition, will present our new range of products to our visitors, and we are confident that our products will please them. In particular, we have started the production of pishmaniye this year; before, it had never been produced in Azerbaijan, and this product has already received the buyer’s approval.

Our main goal of participating in the WorldFood Azerbaijan 2019 exhibition is to represent our company in the country’s major food sector project and to introduce it to potential customers in both local and foreign markets. Can-Pa intends to export its products to new countries and introduce Azerbaijani sweets. I am sure that we will hold necessary meetings and negotiations with representatives of foreign countries on this subject as part of the exhibition.