InterFood Azerbaijan - We realized many refrigeration projects in Azerbaijan

We realized many refrigeration projects in Azerbaijan



Levent Aydin, General manager, Frigo Mekanik

We are a company from Turkey which is manufacturing refrigeration systems and giving turnkey and customized solutions to its customers. We are mainly serving to food sector. The visitors can get refrigeration solutions about meat and meat products, dairies, seafoods, fruit and vegetable storage, potato and onion storage, banana ripening and green banana storage, frozen food storage etc.

The solutions offered by our company to the food industry are ammonia and carbon dioxide cooling systems which are natural fluids. Nowadays, we are realizing our projects by using natural fluids even in very large capacity plants.

We are operating in Azerbaijan market for more than 13 years. We realized many refrigeration projects for the food industry in various locations in Azerbaijan. For this reason, we set up an office in Baku two years ago for managing the projects and serving our customers more effectively. We are manufacturing Premium products with reliable equipment so our customers get the best results in their business. We have also a technical support team which is serving to our customers in many locations in Azerbaijan.

We think this exhibition is very important for our company and Azerbaijanian food sector because it ensures to bring all professionals together and share information efficiently and create new collaborations. Also, it gathers worldwide innovations under a single roof.