InterFood Azerbaijan - Strict control: ‘From grains to the counter’

Strict control: ‘From grains to the counter’



Elena Lazareva, Deputy Marketing Director at the European company Fleur Alpine:

Fleur Alpine, headquartered in Lithuania, is making its debut at World Food Azerbaijan; we are presenting hypoallergenic baby food made from organic raw materials in a number of EU countries. Our products have a special labelling in the form of an ‘EURO leaf,’ undergoes the strictest control ‘from grains to the counter,’ is of high quality and therefore we think that interest will be shown in it in Azerbaijan.

Fleur Alpine has been operating for 11 years, and in Azerbaijan its products have been represented for a little over a year in the Bravo hypermarket chain, a number of ‘Pribaltika’ stores based on distribution agreements. The distributor in Azerbaijan is Siren Trading LLC, but the company is open for cooperation with other private companies.

We continue to study the Azerbaijani market in order to clarify which products are most in demand and how competitive they are.

In general, we produce Premium Class products, which are in demand in Europe among the member countries of the Customs Union. In addition to baby food, Fleur Alpine represents in Baku children's spring water from the Austrian Alps, olive oil from selected varieties of olives grown in organic farms in Italy (in Apulia, Sicily and Calabria).