InterFood Azerbaijan - A wealth of offers from Beta

A wealth of offers from Beta



Zamila Tarverdiyeva, Marketing Manager, Beta Tea Azerbaijan

- A regular participant of exhibitions in Azerbaijan, Beta Tea in its exposition focuses on the company's new products. So, we present the new line of herbal and fruit teas Fusion, slimming teas Reform with different ingredients. Of great interest was the collection of teas. These are Chinese knitted or blooming tea, Turkish tea with pomegranate peel, Chinese white tea Bai Mudan, Argentinean mate tea, Indian tea with masala spices and others.

In addition to tea, Indian Besta basmati rice, 3 in 1 Caffito coffee drinks, Benuto chocolate spread, roasted peanuts Snacks, etc. are on display at the stand. Brand Beta is very well known in Azerbaijan. I am glad to see that visitors to the exhibition recognize our products. The central office of Beta is located in Turkey in the city of Adana, and branches are located in many Turkic countries of the region, as well as in Russia. In Azerbaijan, the company's offices are located in Baku and seven regions of the country.

Our participation in the exhibition is mainly to promote our image, which will enable us to introduce Beta products to a wide international audience, as well as to provide the final consumer with information on the latest product range. The exhibition is extremely useful, allows food and agricultural producers to widely inform international audiences about their activities.