InterFood Azerbaijan - We have more than doubled the number of our products!

We have more than doubled the number of our products!



Jeyhun Bakhtiyarly, official representative of Atena LLC

Thanks to its modern milk technology and working methods, Atena LLC, which was established and started to operate in 2011, is a renowned dairy farm and production company, not only in Azerbaijan, but also around the world. In order to protect the nutritional value of all its dairy products, the company controls every point of the production through this technology. Atena initially entered the milk and dairy market with 32 different types of products, and today it serves its customers with a range of 70 + items (airan, sour cream, UHT milk, Caucasian milk, butter, weighted and packed cheese). During the exhibition, visitors will be able to taste our products.

“Interfood Azerbaijan” will present Atena’s new natural butter in its new packaging and a choice of weights (200 g and 900 g), as well as the brand new “Dadlı” products (UHT milk, sour cream, cheese and Caucasian milk).

yes Our company will also present proposals for investing in grasslands for livestock in the Karabakh region, the organisation of milk supply points and the production of a new product called “Karabakh cheese”.

We appreciate the existence of trade fairs. These exhibitions play an important role in promoting Azerbaijani producers and their products not only in the country but also abroad, attracting investment to Azerbaijan, and increasing the export potential of the non-oil products. The forced break in the exhibitions had a negative impact on the activities of our company, as in most sectors. We believe that we will leave these difficulties behind us and move forward to new achievements.