InterFood Azerbaijan - The exhibition is a path to success

The exhibition is a path to success



Fahrettin Jan, founder of CAN-PA LLC

As CAN-PA LLC, we started our journey in 1993 with the production of sweets under the brand name CAN. In addition to producing dozens of delicacies with unforgettable flavours, we also make several varieties of sweets, such as delicious marmalade, pishmaniye (a Turkish sweet made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar), sugarplum, noghul (a round-shaped sweet filled with coriander seeds), baklava and shekerbura. We have been operating in the field of national confectionery for many years, and as distributors of the product range of the Elite and Taha companies.

CAN products, which always attract attention with their quality and appearance, are also distinguished in foreign countries. CAN-PA LLC, which was awarded the title of “BEST STAND” at the International Food Exhibition held in our country in 2018, was also awarded the nomination “BEST PRODUCT” at the International Food Exhibition of Uzbekistan in the same year.

At the Caspian Agro exhibition we will demonstrate some of our own products and those we import; the introduction of several new products will be accompanied by a tasting.

Participation in food exhibitions is a successful step for our company. Processes during the exhibition, and B2B negotiations, etc. have a positive effect on inter-company relationships. An example of this is the “MOST BEAUTIFUL STAND” nomination, which we won during the International Food Exhibition.