InterFood Azerbaijan - Natural products of the Svalya brand

Natural products of the Svalya brand



Tural Hasanov, Sales Director of Svalya

The Svalya brand has established itself in the Azerbaijani market as a high quality product. Despite a certain high cost in price, customers willingly turn to our products, since “Svalya” is, first of all, a natural product, and this is the main trump card of quality.

Today we present the main line of our products: curd, sour cream, hard weight cheeses, cereals, yoghurts, cheese curds, baby drinks. The new product is Greek yogurt, which a lot of milk is used in its production, so it is thick and fatty.

The pandemic period forced us all to consolidate in order to stay in the market and maintain the quality of our brand. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Due to time constraints, we tried to quickly deliver fresh goods to the counter.

I think holding this kind of exhibitions is very important. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mr. President, who personally visits the exhibitions, which underlines their significance and importance. More and more foreign companies appear here every year.

I expect active development from today`s exhibition. After a long hiatus, the business regime reigned again. Walking around the stands, I found many new local products. State organizations are also widely represented here as support for business, that is, there is a positive vector. We see that the quality
of local products is constantly improving and we are only building optimistic plans for the future.