InterFood Azerbaijan - We offer five-layer cellulose cardboard!

We offer five-layer cellulose cardboard!



Oleg Marachev, Senior Sales Manager, Kuban Cardboard Factory (RF)

Kuban Cardboard Factory cooperates with the largest companies, produces three and five-layer corrugated board, interleaf, four-valve boxes and die-cutting of any complexity. The main assortment is high-quality five-layer cellulose cardboard.

Today, plastic and wooden crates are unacceptable for transporting food. We can safely say that the future belongs to cardboard. Networks willingly buy cardboard, since the profit is also provided by the delivery of waste paper. Our factory produces not only high-quality, but also beautiful products. We agree
that the product is also sold at the expense of packaging.

The last exhibition gave a huge impetus to development. We are trying to build up momentum with the CIS countries. The largest peak in sales occurred in the month of May 2020. The customers are very satisfied with the quality and this is the most important thing.

During the pandemic, we had the largest sales, as customers began to actively purchase, worrying that the borders would be closed. Here, at the exhibition, we are convinced again that international cooperation has strengthened. During the pandemic, it was not possible to meet with many companies in person, and only on the recommendations of our partners in Baku, we began joint work. Success is obvious!