InterFood Azerbaijan - Visitors appreciated the taste of Astarachay

Visitors appreciated the taste of Astarachay



Nurlana Ibadullaeva, director of marketing department of Astarachay

Our company has long been known in the Azerbaijani market and beyond.

We are always happy to participate at the exhibition, because we have something to show. Introducing the new brand "Gоncha". This tea with tips, in demand all over the world, belongs to the category of premium tea. We have developed a new packaging design for the brand.

There are 1140 hectares of tea in Azerbaijan, of which 450 is Astarachay. This is the only brand that has such a large area.

At the stands, our famous brands Aztea are presented - this is the highest quality tea, and Astaraychay the standard class tea. Visitors and guests of the exhibition today will be able to taste teas from the Astarachay series - these are Mekhmeri, Extra. And from the Aztea series - Premium. A classic tea that meets all tastes and therefore is loved by many. Those who appreciated the taste of our tea never change their minds!

The pandemic has had its negative impact on many companies, as well as ours. This was mainly due not to production, but to the consumption of tea in the markets. Having gone through the trials and difficulties associated with the war, we are glad to remain on the market with dignity, to represent our
brand. With great pleasure and joy, we will treat you to our tea on the Karabakh land.