InterFood Azerbaijan - Our goal is a turnover of $500 million

Our goal is a turnover of $500 million



Giorgi Khanishvili, First Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia

Azerbaijan and Georgia are friendly countries that have been developing side by side for 30 years, working together on all problems. Our trade turnover is at a high level - about $130 million. This is a good indicator, but there is an opportunity to increase it significantly by expanding the range of products that each country is in need of. This will happen because both in Georgia and in Azerbaijan, the states heavily invest in the development of the agro-industrial complex, while simultaneously exploring new opportunities and directions.

14 companies are represented at the InterFood Azerbaijan and Caspian Aqro exhibitions, presenting not only wines, but also feed for small and large cattle, nuts, etc. We brought to Baku natural cold-pressed juices, blueberries and, of course, sweets which are so loved in Azerbaijan.

I am confident that over the next ten years our countries will achieve the full development of vacant areas, thereby increasing the ability to meet the demand of the population and tourists.

I believe that our goal is to reach a trade turnover of $500 million. Then both farmers and processing industry enterprises will be satisfied.

The exhibitions held in Baku contribute to the solution of trade and economic issues, but most importantly, they bring our people even closer.