InterFood Azerbaijan - Ready-made flour mixes: convenient, tasty and fast!

Ready-made flour mixes: convenient, tasty and fast!



Kareem Diab, General Manager of BAKEMATE

We would like to introduce the well-known Arab company producing flour products. We came to the “InterFood” exhibition for the first time. Azerbaijan is a tourist country where you can meet guests from many countries of the world. Therefore, participation in the exhibition is beneficial for us. This will help to introduce our brands to the market, find new partners, demonstrate our products and talk about their benefits.

Today, at our stand we present various types of ready-made flour mixtures, which can be used to make sweets, cakes, cookies, biscuits. You do not have to mix different products, just one package of mixture - and within a short time, a delicious dish will be ready! The mixture is produced in packages of different weight, which helps to calculate the amount of the desired product. We are proud of the quality and wide range of these products. Ready mixes are very convenient, tasty and fast. On the first day of the exhibition, I have not yet received positive profitable offers; however, I hope that the following days will give a more effective result.