80% of all Italian pasta is produced on our machines

80% of all Italian pasta is produced on our machines

16 may 2024 0000

"Fava" is a pasta manufacturing machine producer from Italy. We are one of the most famous companies in the world in this segment. "Fava" is a family company born in 1937 and now it is run by a 3rd generation with years of experience and traditions in pasta manufacturing. Pasta making machines are produced from European materials. 80% of pasta produced in Italy is made on our machines, with the remaining 20% of the market shared by our smaller competitors. We are holding 40% of the world market for pasta machines, with only one very good competitor worldwide. These two numbers are very important for understanding the significance and scale of our company’s activity. One of the most popular producers of pasta in Azerbaijan is our customer.

It is the second time that we are attending this exhibition and we got good results from last year’s event. This year’s goal for us to reach at this event is to meet our current customer that is already on board of our boat, but also to find new potential customers who would like to enter the pasta business. There are a lot of import investors who are willing to establish their facility in pasta production. Exhibitions are a good opportunity for face-to-face meetings giving advantages that are not present in online communication. Meanwhile, from the point of view of sales, the number of customers you find is important, but it is just a number. What is more important to us is the quality of the customer and how much interested they are in a new project, a new facility.

Claudio Veronesi, manager, Sales Engineering department