A great platform to showcase your capabilities

A great platform to showcase your capabilities

12 may 2023 0000

Elshad Namazov, Head of Marketing Department, Absheron Logistics Center:

"Absheron deals with all kinds of logistics operations. It is both internal and international transportation, warehousing, etc.

We participate in the TransLogistica Caspian exhibition every year. It is a perfect platform for demonstrating our capabilities. Such events are also important because they have a spectacular effect on the company's image. Our main goal is to meet new potential partners and expand business contacts. We hope that this year too we will be able to establish more connections and reach a higher level of business. The main address is Russia and other CIS countries.

We are happy that this year's exhibition is more extensive and is held in parallel with Caspian Oil & Gas, which guarantees the presence of a large audience. I would like to thank the organizers of these excellent events and wish them and all exhibitors success!