A wealth of choices: classic products + innovations!

A wealth of choices: classic products + innovations!

11 june 2021 0000

Svetlana Marchenko, Brand Manager at Prodenergo LLC

The Ukrainian company Prodenergo LLC is presenting the trademark “Sto pudov” at the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition; this trademark specializes in the production of both classic food products (buckwheat, rice, flour) and innovative ones. These are convenient cooking dishes, food sets, which contain all the ingredients for preparing a delicious dinner. It is enough to add to such, for example, a borsch set, a little water and oil - and in a quarter of an hour the finished product will be on your table!

I would like to emphasize that the policy of the company completely rejects the use of any preserving agents or other chemical additives. All products are natural. A separate line is represented by mixtures for baking pancakes, bread, cakes. We have a lot of innovative cereals (chia, quinoa, bran, flax, sesame, etc.), which are now part of the popular healthy diet all over the world. There are also lines for children, business catering, and tourism.

We work closely with Azerbaijan: we have a representative partner here. The exhibition is interesting, and we are not deprived of the attention of visitors. We were preparing to visit the exhibition last year and are glad that, despite the known problems that shook the world, it finally took place. Exhibitions are important and necessary, and the food exhibitions, where the product can not only be seen, but also tasted, even more important!