Afghan nuts, figs, and saffron...

Afghan nuts, figs, and saffron...

11 june 2021 0000

Mehmet Bekish, Sales Specialist, Roots of Peace

Our company is participating in the InterFood exhibition for the first time. I live in Istanbul, and I am representing Afghan enterprises here in Azerbaijan: Wais Sodais Co. Ltd, Ikram Ezat Ltd, Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron, and New Yaqoubi Ltd. They sell nuts and spices, as well as grapes, figs, saffron, etc.

Our goal is to take a place in the Azerbaijani market, to ensure the export of our products. We want Azerbaijani entrepreneurs to get acquainted with our companies. Afghani saffron is famous all over the world. At the exhibition in Spain, our exposition took the second place in terms of quality. Afghan figs are also distinguished by their unique taste and quality.

At the moment, we sell our products to many countries, however, due to the pandemics, this process has not reached its peak, since it was not possible to meet with a large number of customers. The exhibition is organized at the highest level, there is a great interest of visitors, and we are ready to carry out many projects in order to establish trade relations.

I believe that the role of the exhibition in the development of the agricultural industry is very important – here you can meet with potential clients in person and conduct trustful dialogues, which are an important factor in international trade. There is good potential here to showcase the best products and services of any successful company. Holding such exhibitions is a guarantee of the growth of business activity in the world.