Best quality and wholesale prices are our advantage

Best quality and wholesale prices are our advantage

20 may 2024 20 May 2024

Masoud Ab Rahman

Vice-President of Milad Noor Nawin Co.Ltd

I represent one of the companies of the joint stand of Afghanistan companies. My company is offering here mainly food stuff items exported from Afghanistan, like dry foods, some nuts, some greens, etc. It is the first time we are participating in this exhibition. We are looking to attain some new goals, a new market, new customers, so we are exploring the opportunities for expanding our business, because you cannot depend on only one market, so, you have to reach out for new markets all the time.

And this exhibition has definitely given us such a chance to introduce ourselves, to share some samples, to explore the Azerbaijan market learning what we can import here from Afghanistan. We are also looking to find out what kind of challenges and problems may be faced on our path of entering this market. There is a lot to be learned, such as information about prices, regulations, and some other things. So, we will see in future how it will go. Most of the contacts we have made with local businesspersons have to do with distribution of products to different local chains – to hotels, to some chocolate factories, and facilities like that. We received some positive feedback upon tasting of our products and we are definitely optimistic about the future prospects.

Our advantage over competitors with similar products is that we are wholesale and good quality suppliers. When these two factors – better quality and a competitive price – are in one place, that sets you ahead of the others. So, with this in mind, we are hopeful to join this exhibition again next year.