Broad range of offers from Belarusian companies

Broad range of offers from Belarusian companies

18 may 2023 0000

Natalia Romanchuk, Manager, Belarus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Participating in the exhibition are 11 Belarusian companies in meat&dairy, confectionary, agricultural equipment, and compound fertilizer sectors.

Among them are: Krasny Pischevik Confectionary, one of confectionary industry leaders and a producer of marshmallows, candies, marmalades etc. Their products enjoy a high demand due to their top quality.

Molochny Gostinets is a brand of immense popularity in Belarus, boasting delicious taste and premium quality.

Mozyr Dairy Products is a producer of farmer cheese and milk-powder and regular milk.

One of industry leaders, Babushkina Krinka, is widely represented in Belarus as well as in the world over.

Lida Dairy and Canning Plant is represented by a few branch offices, operating under the trademark MiLida. Among their displays are cheeses and dairy products.

Brestmyasmolprom Group of Companies is represented by fours companies: Brest Meat-Processing Plant, Kobryn Butter and Cheese Factory, Luninets Dairy Plant, and Belovezhskiye Syry LLC.

Gomselmash is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and a company among the world's top harvester and complex agricultural machine vendors.

KompleMet is a producer of compound fertilizers.

Our stands together with the brand "Made in Belarus" have been immensely popular in Azerbaijan.

We were very happy to see Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at our stand yesterday. Talking to our ambassador to Azerbaijan, he said he is well aware of Belarusian products and knows they are produced to former Soviet standards and boast a high quality.

We participate in InterFood Azerbaijan every year and expect to introduce an ever broader slate of brands in the subsequent events.

We also hope to talk with Azerbaijani businesspeople, present our products, and hold negotiations. The exhibition is managed at the highest level, with each and every detail thought through.