Ceylan Ustun, Marketing Communication Responsible at Frigo Mekanik

Ceylan Ustun, Marketing Communication Responsible at Frigo Mekanik

17 may 2023 0000

Frigo Mekanik has operated in the industrial refrigeration sector since 1989, and we are giving solutions for refrigeration and building up cold storage systems.

The cold storage systems we manufacture are mostly used for fruits and vegetables, but some of them – for dairy and meat products.

Frigo Mekanik offers all kinds of industrial refrigeration systems according to customers’ capacity needs. Our company provides turnkey solutions.

I want to present you an ultrasonic humidifier which converts water to cold vapor using ultrasonic sound waves. Its vapour particles are smaller than a micron. This unit is usually used in fruits and vegetables cold storage systems, because it maintains right moisture level and increases production efficiency.

Our company operates a branch in Azerbaijan. It was opened four-five years ago.

Frigo Mekanik gives solutions all around the world: our global customer base covers leading businesses in around 90 countries. We have completed more than 5000 projects so far.

Beside finding new customers at the local market, we also hope to meet our current clients who may have new projects and seek for new solutions that we can offer.