Cheese, butter, milk, yoghurts, cottage cheese...

Cheese, butter, milk, yoghurts, cottage cheese...

12 june 2021 0000

Sergey Sorogovets, General Director at Slutsk Cheese-making Plant OJSC

Slutsk Cheese-making Plant is one of the largest dairy enterprises in Belarus. It is a one-stop company with six production sites and three agricultural subsidiaries. The processing volume averages about 1800 tons of milk, from which milk powder, whey, cheeses, butter and other whole milk products (yoghurts, curds, cottage cheese, etc.) are produced. We have a fairly large raw material base and we get milk from 180 farms. We also have our own gardening farms and even apiaries. At the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition, we are exhibiting almost all of our products. Also here we represent our partner - the dairy plant "Zdravushka"

This is not our first year at the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition, which greatly contributes to the promotion of our goods in Azerbaijani market. However, we are determined to continue our development and hence, we are focusing on the popularization of our cheeses made exclusively from natural raw materials in Azerbaijan.

I rate the exhibition highly enough. There is interest in our products. I think that as a result, we will expand our partner base in Azerbaijan.