Double benefit of the exhibition

Double benefit of the exhibition

20 may 2022 0000

Natalia Slobodyuk, General Director of Unico Logistics Baku LLC

I work in the field of logistics and the “InterFood” exhibition is important for me. After all, transport services are needed in any industry. Year after year the scope of the exhibition expands, and  demonstration stands become much more interesting. Today I was impressed with the competition of chefs, which I managed to watch. It was a good idea to hold this event as a part of the exhibition! It was well organized and very interesting.

For me, exhibitions are the best opportunity to meet old partners. Here it takes place in a nice, friendly  atmosphere, and it is worth attending the event. Networking is also very important for any business person looking for potential partners.

It was nice to see today many brands aimed at the local market, and we  managed to find future customers among them. Exhibitions are doubly relevant in our time, as ties with government agencies and private businesses are being established and strengthened here.