Excellent mix for bread baking and confectionery

Excellent mix for bread baking and confectionery

20 may 2022 0000

Aziz Alizade, representative of NH GROUP

Our company has been a distributor of the Belgian company Puratos, which is engaged in the production of products for bread baking and confectionery for seven years. Cakes, desserts, exclusive chocolates, rolls. The innovation of this product is that it is prepared based on mix. This is a ready-made flour mixture, which already includes all necessary ingredients for baking a particular product. At the stand, we present the product itself and finished products prepared on its basis. I would like to mention brands of Khamrali, a manufacturer of bakery products and Funnydonuts, a manufacturer of various donuts.

I like the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition, it is well organised. Many representatives of different companies are here. The event provides an opportunity of tasting, so that people can try and appreciate the exquisite taste and quality of our products. In this way, they would form their own opinion, and can easily recognise and find this product in our boutiques.

Our products are already popular in hotels, pastry shops. The customers are confident in the guaranteed quality of the goods and choose them. However, we are not resting on our laurels; we are looking for new connections for expansion. The role of the exhibition in this context is very high.