Great reviews about Chefs Cup Chefs Championship

Great reviews about Chefs Cup Chefs Championship

20 may 2022 0000

Nikolai Baratov, international culinary judge certified by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)

- I am very lucky that for the second time I am taking part as a judge at the Azerbaijan “Chefs Cup” Chefs Championship. As you know, the first championship was held in 2019, as well as during the days of the Caspian Agro and InterFood Azerbaijan International Exhibitions. Then there was a break due to COVID issues. And now I'm back at the Championship in Baku.

I know that my friends, the organizers of this Championship, were late to find out about the possibility to host this tournament. As an organizer of many events, I am well aware that they did a fantastic job in such a short time they had.

My praise doesn't end there. Despite the minimum amount of time they had to prepare the event, the facilitators organized a higher level Championship than the first time. First of all, by the number of participants and teams represented at the tournament. And most importantly, we managed to attract many young promising guys to the project. The Association of Culinary Specialists established in Azerbaijan works excellently with young people, it helps the country to train professional personnel.

Azerbaijan is developing more and more and receives more and more tourists. In order for tourists to be interested, they need to have tasty food. And that requires good chefs. And thanks to such Championships involving an international jury, represented by world-famous culinary judges, the guys get a unique experience.

Azerbaijani cuisine is wonderful. I am its big fan and I think it is one of the best in the world. Young guys cook very tasty dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. The high level of preparation of the participants of this Championship enables them to collect the highest scores.