Interfood Azerbaijan 2024 presents an excellent opportunity to promote our products.

Interfood Azerbaijan 2024 presents an excellent opportunity to promote our products.

14 may 2024 0000
The history of "YUPEKCHI" E.S. company dates back to the late 90s. Its founder, Mr. Ashir Sapargeldiev, commenced his successful trading venture in 1997 within the automotive industry, achieving remarkable financial success. However, the entrepreneur's primary objective has always been to deliver some valuable products for both domestic and international consumers. Therefore, in 2003, through successful capital investment and business diversification, the company "YUPEKCHI" E.S. was established. It introduced its inaugural product - carbonated drinks named "Nazly". Over time, the product range of "YUPEKCHI" E.S. has expanded to include variety of fruit juices, energy, and vitamin drinks, carbonated soft drinks, ice teas, sparkling and mineral water. Recently, the company obtained a "HALAL" certificate from the international organisation SGS Gulf Ltd. Additionally, the company holds other international certificates such as ISO and FSSC. Since its inception, the company has been guided by principles of high quality, stability, innovation, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction, both domestically and abroad.
The upcoming event, namely the international exhibition Interfood Azerbaijan 2024, presents an excellent opportunity for us to promote our products. These products deserve the attention of potential investors and distributors both in the region and beyond. For the first time at this exhibition, our new and innovative product, the fortified and juice-containing BOLD "Mango Coconut", will be presented outside of Turkmenistan. Alongside this, we will showcase our well-established and beloved products such as the energy drinks "Bold Black" and "Bold White", Bulvar mineral water, carbonated drinks "7Gen" and "Real Cola", iced teas "Buzz Ice Tea", and juices "Pökgi", "Ho┼čal", and "Ýedigen".
Staying true to the original Turkmen traditions of crafting natural soft drinks and sorbets from vegetables and fruits, we continually aim to pleasantly surprise our consumers with drinks made according to authentic recipes. Moreover, our beverages not only provide refreshing relief on hot summer days or a revitalising boost but are also highly beneficial for the body, containing vitamins C, B3, B6, and B9, which enhance health and well-being. In 2020, at the XXVII international exhibition "PRODEXPO-2020" in Russia, our company, specifically our product "Bold Black & White", was awarded a gold medal in the category "Innovation in Product Composition". This recognition was granted because despite being energy drinks of a new generation, they do not contain taurine. After all, our range of drinks is crafted not only for individuals leading active lifestyles but also for children and the elderly, who often have sedentary routines.
Trade shows play a pivotal role in the business ecosystem, facilitating networking, knowledge sharing, and brand awareness. They offer businesses a unique platform to showcase their products, gather valuable insights, and drive growth, making them indispensable for industry development and success. These exhibitions provide unparalleled networking opportunities, enabling companies to engage with potential customers, partners, suppliers, and competitors. This interaction often leads to fruitful collaborations and partnerships. Unlike cold calling, trade shows allow companies to make a bold statement and stand out through the creativity of their booth designs. Participation in the upcoming Interfood Azerbaijan 2024 exhibition will enable our company, "YUPEKCHI" E.S., to present our brand to a broader audience and introduce them to our unique products. We are confident that this exhibition will facilitate direct, meaningful interaction and immersive experiences, effectively showcasing the value and relevance of our brand “YUPEKCHI” E.S. to an interested audience. In today's competitive marketing landscape, understanding our competitors is crucial alongside providing top-notch services and innovative products. The Interfood Azerbaijan 2024 exhibition will undoubtedly offer us the opportunity to observe all the market leaders in the soft drinks production industry. This first-hand experience will enable our company to better understand our competitors by visiting their stands, aiding us in planning our future marketing strategies more effectively in the long term.

Dzhumadurdy Potdzhimov,
Specialist of the Foreign Economic Activity and Exhibitions Department
Company "YUPEKCHI" E.S.