Omsk region traditionally takes part in the Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food Industry".

Omsk region traditionally takes part in the Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food Industry".

9 may 2022 0000

Omsk Region Omsk region has entered the top three among the Siberian regions in the production of gross agricultural output.

In 2022, the collective exposition of the Omsk region will be presented by 4 manufacturing companies that have successfully established themselves in the domestic and foreign markets. Participation in the exhibition is organized by the Export Support Center of the Omsk Regional Fund for the Support and Development of Small Business.


Grain Lines LLC is a Russian company engaged in the production, purchase, sale and export of agricultural products of grain and oilseed groups. The company has its own production site, which houses a production complex and infrastructure for receiving, improving the quality of products (including seeds), storage, packaging and shipment by railway and motor transport, including its own fleet of grain carriers.

Export offer for Azerbaijan: delivery on a permanent basis of wheat of the 3rd, 4th, 5th class; barley; flax; rapeseed; peas.


Serik Kunakbayev

+7 913 966 51 16 (What’s App)


Sibirsky Trading House LLC is an exclusive exporter of products of the largest dairy processing enterprise in Western Siberia - Lyubinsky Dairy Cannery JSC. Today JSC "Lyubinsky MKK" is among the TOP 50 largest dairy processing enterprises in Russia. In 2022, the plant will celebrate its 83rd anniversary since its foundation.

Export offer for Azerbaijan: canned milk, powdered milk, butter in various packages.


Harkov Sergey

+7 913 603 98 97 (What’s App)



Siberian Bread Products Combine LLC is a large agro-industrial complex in the village of Maryanovka, Omsk region, founded in the middle of the XX century. It combines an elevator, flour milling, feed and grain plants, as well as auxiliary workshops, warehouses and access roads. We carry out a full cycle of work with grain crops: from acceptance, processing, drying, storage to the production of flour and a whole line of compound feeds.

Siberian KHP is included in the Register of Bona Fide Exporters.

Siberian KHP has experience in grain export under UN programs in 2018 – 2019..

Export offer for Azerbaijan: Baking wheat flour of the first and second grade. Wheat flour of general purpose in the assortment. Oatmeal, barley barley, semolina. Oatmeal "Hercules". Wheat, barley, oats, peas.


Sukhomlinova Evgeniya

+7 904 078 91 77 (What’s App)


VITO LLC specializes in the production of egg noodles under the healthy food brand "We eat at home", the ambassador of which is Yulia Vysotskayaulia Vysotskaya. It also produces the pasta of complex shape. Another direction is the production of funchosa and rice noodles under the trademarks "Rus Asia" and "Samadhi", which correspond to the trend in Asian cuisine.

Export offer for Azerbaijan: egg noodles, rice noodles, funchosa.


Vishnia Yuriy

+7 983 524-36-88