Our products are well known in Azerbaijan

Our products are well known in Azerbaijan

27 april 2022 0000

Khortov Alexander Mikhailovich, Deputy General Director for Commerce of the State Enterprise "Molochny Gostinets".

For more than 55 years, the Republican subsidiary production and trade unitary enterprise "Molochny Gostinets" has been one of the well-known and favourite   brands of the dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus. That is why products manufactured by “Molochny Gostinets” are known and popular in not only Belarus, but also in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and other countries. The company uses only fresh milk for processing, including from its own dairy complex.

The range of products includes whole milk and sour-milk products, curd products, processed, semi-hard and hard-pressed cheeses, and butter under two trademarks. Products manufactured under the "Molochny Gostinets" brand are produced according to unique recipes from natural and selected raw products, with love for customers. “Le Chalet” brand is a premium line of dairy products that guarantees exquisite taste and high quality.

At the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition this year, our company will offer many new products that are still unknown to the local consumers - four flavours of curd desserts with a new packaging design, with reduced fat content (4%), exotic fillings, which will be appreciated  by the food lovers (lemon pie, blackcurrant-chia, dried apricots-cereals-flax, rock cranberry -cranberries), sour cream with different levels of fat content and packages; milkshake with blueberry flavour, etc.

The products of the state enterprise "Molochny Gostinets" have proven themselves as a high-quality product. Therefore, we expect from the upcoming exhibition further improvement of the company's image, while retaining regular and attracting new customers and, as a result, increasing sales.