Prospective meetings with industry professionals

Prospective meetings with industry professionals

16 may 2024 0000

I am a specialist in spectral methods of analysis and laboratory quality control. I am a regular visitor to many exhibitions in Baku dedicated to oil, construction, and food. My interest in these various events is explained by the peculiarities of my work. The fact is that nowadays more and more attention is paid to analysing the quality of products. Companies are very responsible for this aspect of their products. And that is why I have someone with whom I can discuss cooperation at this exhibition.

Companies that already use our quality control equipment for milk, cereals, wine, and other products are represented here, such as Milla, Azersun, and several others. But there are also many new, smaller companies interested in our equipment. I had promising meetings with professionals in the industry, where quality control is always on the agenda.

The exhibition made a very good impression. The main thing I noticed was the high level of the exhibiting companies and the large national stands, which demonstrates the willingness to cooperate at a national level.

As a quality specialist, it is important for me to be able to communicate with companies at the production level of their products, which are subject to quality control. A positive outcome of any exhibition can be an increase in confidence in the products of some of the exhibiting companies.

Alexey Boyarchenkov, engineer of the company Spectral Laboratory