Protein bars in more lines

Protein bars in more lines

3 may 2023 0000

Robert Palka, CEO, Healthy Food Supplements s.r.o.

Healthy Food Supplements, is a young company with 35 employees that specializes in the production of protein and nut bars, either under private labels or under its own Space Protein brand. The company is made up of experts who, in addition to many years of experience, are also united by a sense of perfection and quality. Thanks to the combination of the most modern technologies with the experience of our experts in the field of development, production and creative solutions, it allows us to develop and manufacture quality products and at the same time to propose a wide range of product realization options from their development to production and distribution.
At the Interfood Azerbaijan 2023 our company will present protein bars in more lines – High protein bars, Junior protein bars, Vegan bars, Nuts bars (+vegan Nuts bars), Multilayer bars
Junior protein bars with vitamins and minerals - contain full valued milk proteins, all important vitamins and minerals which cover half of a daily need. Top of the bars is sprinkled with crispy coloured confectionary and no artificial colouring. It´s a ideal healthy snack for active children, coated in real milk chocolate with matitol.
Multilayer protein bars – with a double delicious layer of caramel or choco-caramel and crispy whole peanuts provide a unique taste of experience even for the greatest gourmets. In addition, they are low in sugar, enriched with collagen, glute-free and coated in milk or dark chocolate or in white coating.
We would like to find distributors, retailers and other sellers of the healthy bars.