Provide high-quality products to the society!

Provide high-quality products to the society!

19 may 2022 0000

Rashad Gurbanov, supervisor of Choco Art AZERSUN

Azersun Holding LLC is leading company of the country in the area of food production, retail trade and agriculture. Our priority is quality, rather than quantity!

For many years, the Holding has been serving people, providing high-quality products to the society. The range of manufactured products is very large. Today at “InterFood Azerbaijan” we are exhibiting numerous delicious products to our guests at two stands, talk about new products, organise tastings. I would like to mention especially Choco Art sweets. They are produced according to a Belgian recipe using real coffee oil. Today the company produces three types of new candies:  caramel, milk-nut and cocoa-nut. Besides, there are five types of chocolate bars. Chocolate butter, pistachio and sesame paste are also new products. In addition, various teas, juices, salt, ayrans, milk, rice, butter, compotes are exhibited.

Every year we participate in the exhibition, and always are pleased with the atmosphere reigning here. Many guests, many participants. We work for people, and our goal is to extend partnerships and enlarge the customers’ base. The exhibition plays a big role in this context. After the exhibition, any visitor entering the store can easily choose the best products.