Strengthening the image of "Svalya" in the Azerbaijani market

Strengthening the image of "Svalya" in the Azerbaijani market

19 may 2022 0000

Eugenius Budreika, Commercial Director of Pieno žvaigždės (Svalya brand)

The “Svalya” brand is widely represented in Azerbaijan. Goods imported must be delivered quickly - butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, various cheeses, curds, etc. These perishable products require special storage conditions. I would like to note that Svalya's suppliers meet all the requirements.

We would like to further expand our presence in the Azerbaijani market. Therefore, the main goal of Svalya's participation in InterFood Azerbaijan 2022 is to strengthen the brand's image in the market of Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus. At the exhibition, you can widely present your products, meet with partners and get useful information about the products from consumers. People constantly come to our stand; we carefully listen to the opinion of each person.

We have a distributor in Azerbaijan, with whom we contacted directly on the eve of InterFood Azerbaijan and resolved many issues. However, the value of the information coming to us at the exhibition cannot be overestimated. This allows us, as a producer, to move in the right direction, identify long-term goals and, of course, ensure the high quality of our products.