The exhibition - an excellent school of business and management

The exhibition - an excellent school of business and management

15 may 2024 0000
Sofia Mammadova, Equipment Manager at “Besting”
The company "Besting," which I represent, specialises in producing food raw materials for the confectionery and baking sector. We also develop new recipes and concepts tailored for manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products.
As a young company, attending exhibitions is a crucial aspect of our management strategy. Despite having a strong client base, we believe in the necessity of continuous development. The InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition provides invaluable opportunities for this purpose. Here, we've encountered several compelling offers for professional equipment and raw materials (such as corn starch and other). Moreover, we've forged connections that hold promise for future business endeavours, above all, in expanding into markets beyond Azerbaijan.
I would like to distinctly highlight that the exhibition left a lasting impression on me, particularly due to the substantial presence of participating countries and their national stands. In my view, forums like InterFood Azerbaijan serve as pivotal platforms for fostering both amicable and business-oriented connections among representatives from various nations. It's within this dynamic setting that relevant professional information is exchanged, all against the backdrop of demonstrating the capabilities of each participant.
Attending the exhibition for the sixth consecutive year, I get to witness first-hand the fundamentals of business, and understand that participating in these kinds of forums are extremely essential and give impetus to the growth of any company.