The exhibition helps uncover the demand in the market

The exhibition helps uncover the demand in the market

16 may 2024 0000

At present, pursuant to the development of agriculture, horticulture and fruit cultivation, and the advancement and increase in quantity of greenhouses in Azerbaijan, a necessity has been created for the equipment we manufacture in order to raise the quality of products to a higher level in terms of certain export quality standards. The company "Futura" is located in Italy and has been in operation for around 60 years. It simply has developed and grown, changing its name over time as it was split into multiple brands. The equipment manufactured by the company provides the sorting of various fruits and vegetables by size, colour, and other physical properties. The branch of the company "Futura" in Azerbaijan has been registered here as an LLC for 2 years now, and is involved in export, sale, as well as installation and maintenance services. Our objective – is to have the biggest market share. We have analysed the Azerbaijani market in terms of price and quality, and we believe we will establish a strong position here.

This is the second time we are participating at this exhibition. As a result of our participation at the exhibition last year, we provided services to two new customers, and based on these orders a significant quantity of our equipment and devices will be installed in Azerbaijan this year.

We got familiarised with various entrepreneurs and requirements at the exhibition, which has aided us in learning the market's demands. Undoubtedly, the exhibition plays a crucial role, as it brings together and acquaints everyone, including both entrepreneurs and manufacturers, and there is an exchange of technology, devices and other elements. Hence, we intend to participate in this exhibition annually.

Borzu Saidan, Manager of the company "Futura"