The exhibition successfully contributes to the expansion of sales

The exhibition successfully contributes to the expansion of sales

15 may 2024 0000

Ceylon Tea Land is an exporter of premium quality black and green Ceylon teas with the richest selection of flavours and aromas. This is our fourth year exhibiting at InterFood Azerbaijan and we plan to continue our cooperation with the organisers.

We have been supplying Rivon tea to Azerbaijan for several years. It is distributed by the local company Azza. This was our first commercial appearance on the local market, thanks to contacts made at this exhibition a few years ago. The usefulness of the show is obvious: two years ago, I met another company here, which subsequently started buying Victoria tea from us to sell in Baku. So, given the success of previous years, we are here again this year to expand existing business relations and establish new ones.

This is the third exhibition I have attended personally.

According to comparative statistics in other countries, Azerbaijan consumes a lot of tea, which offers a wide range of sales opportunities. Ceylon tea is known as the best tea in the world. Our company is one of the largest tea producers with 25-30 private brands. For example, the Abbas Tea brand is very popular in Russia and for the past 5-6 years small batches of this tea have been supplied to Azerbaijan through Derbent. Today we are meeting with our Russian partners to discuss plans for direct supplies to Baku from Sri Lanka, where packaged Abbas Tea was the top export product in 2023. The tea's varieties include the most popular pekoe and bergamot, as well as molasses and berry flavours, etc.

Exhibitions play a 100% role in expanding the sales and marketing of our products, as they are a traditional meeting place for people interested in cooperation and looking for a supplier, and offer us a great opportunity to meet each other. For example, at this exhibition last year, I met representatives of Turkish companies with whom we started negotiations for cooperation.

Dr. M.H.M. Rumie, –ľanaging Director «Ceylon Tea Land»